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Our festive feasts with Bitters N’ Twisted

Bored of the same festive options? Need to break free from the same old chains?
Independently ran, Bitters N’ Twisted Venues have been serving fun filled Christmas parties in Birmingham for over 10 years, using quality ingredients set in one-off quirky settings.
Here at Visit Birmingham, we were lucky enough to try the Christmas offerings of 2 of the Bitters N’ Twisted venues – both promised to be flavourful, festive feasts!

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An evening spent with The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

As the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) so effectively sum up – “Everyone knows that in Birmingham, Friday night is when you let your hair down – and the CBSO loves to party too!” – and having had the privilege to attend one of their Friday Night Classics I couldn’t agree more…

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 Eat, drink & be merry! 6 alternative Christmas Dinners to enjoy in Birmingham this year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but if the thought of a festive roast with too much turkey and mushy Brussel sprouts isn’t exactly jingling your bells then listen closely my friend. I’m making a list – and I’m checking it twice – of all the best alternative Christmas dinners in the city.


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8 best places to buy your Christmas Tree!

With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve taken the executive decision to gently force the public of Birmingham to start thinking about where they will make one of the most important purchases they’ll make this Christmas and arguably, this year. Are we talking of places to buy gifts for loved ones you ask? No sir, we’re talking the crème de la crème of your festive home, the happiest place to be on Christmas day. You got it, none other than… your Christmas tree(s)!

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Don’t stay in a stable! Our recommendations of great places to stay

Ahhh Christmas, some say it is the most wonderful time of the year… some say it is the most stressful. However, us Brummies’ do not believe in Christmas being stressful, we believe in Christmas being a time to be selfish and relax. So, to make the most of your festive jaunt to Birmingham we highly recommend you STAY OVER!

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