Drayton’s Magical Christmas

Last weekend Christmas began in earnest. That’s because I, my children and my friend Rabia journeyed to Drayton’s Magical Christmas.  We had been before and knowing how utterly festive an experience this is, anticipation was at infuriating levels.
Now, I’ve written about the Magical Christmas before (here), so this time around, I thought it would be good to get a child’s perspective of proceedings.
I have left in spelling and grammatical errors for authenticity and so we can all have a good chuckle at their expense.
I’ll fill in the gaps later….


Lois (6)

It was very chrismassy snow falled down on us.  We saw santer.  He was in a pink and purpl and blue castle.  My favrut rids were the bus wat went arownd and arownd and the rolacoaster.  The rolacoaster went fast.  Then we went for lunch it was yummy.

After lunch we went to see Santer he gave us a bag of gudis.  Then we got awer faces panted, I was a rain dear.  Wen it got dark a praid started all the lites came on it was very Christmassy.  After that we saw firwirks. They were coulerful.  Then we got tird* so we went home.  That was fun.  You shud go.

*I think here I should interject and say that she meant tired!

Maggie (9)

Maggie, Lois, Rabia and Paul* were going to Drayton Manor’s Magical Christmas.  When we got there in the car park Lois and I were so excited.  We went to get our pass and then we all spoted snow from Thomas Land, it felt so Christmasy me and Lois started dancing till our heart content.

The first ride we whent on was the pirate ships they went so fast it made our tummys go really funny.

My favourite rides were:

  • The rolacosta
  • The ships
  • The up and down tower
  • and the carousal

When we went on the rolacosta we were waiting in the station, there was loads of ballballs everywhere and Christmas trees – everywhere we looked was a christmas tree.  When we got on the rolacosta it went so fast.  After that we asked how long until Father Christmas, Rabia said “two hours” so we went to get some lunch.  We made some robin ballballs to hang on our Christmas tree.  For lunch I had some chips they were scrumptouse. Soon it was time for Father Christmas so we went and qued for about 1 second and then saw him.

(Here Santa tells them they must be good to get presents; Maggie looks regretful)

He asked us what we would like for Christmas and we said we would like everything** so then he took our picture and we got a gift it was xxxxxx and xxxxxx witch was so good (I have blanked out this for the element of surprise, let’s just say it is a very novel and unique idea that relates back to the park).  Secondly, we whent to the gift shop for a little bit, we both got a little something***, then soon we went to the zoo for about half an hour and we saw a tiger and it was so cool to see and we enjoyed it loads.  It was getting dark so we whent on the carousal and all the lights were coming on as well.

Then later on Fireworks apeard and we watched.  The colours were red, blue, green and pink.  Then unfortunately we had to go but it was a really great day at Drayton Manor! Bye bye

*heaven knows why she didn’t put dad?


*** it wasn’t ‘little’

So, there you go, here’s some bits they missed…


Paul (39)

This year is the 10th Anniversary of Drayton’s Magical Christmas and their experience really shows.  If you want to kick start the festivities there is no better place to go, especially as the sun sets, the lights come on, the place really becomes a magical wonderland.  It’s a bit like being in a festive movie; especially when the snow showers begin in Thomas Land – think Whoville.

Maggie mentioned the tiger, but didn’t mention the fact that there are real reindeer in the park – these are sat outside Santa’s Magical Castle.  The Santa experience really is very good, the elves are great at getting all the info needed of the kids for Santa to deliver a magical monologue!

This year as ever, Drayton Manor have added new experiences to their magical Christmas.  Alongside the new rides in Thomas Land there is a new 4D cinema film ‘Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas’ – which was a winner with the kids as was another new edition – the craft decoration making.

Each year the park just seems that little bit more Christmassy (if that was possible) and I’d really recommend this as a fantastic festive family day out.  It has become something of a Christmas tradition in my household and I for one know we will be returning next year – I look forward to it!

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